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Is Buy Android Installs Can Be Fun For Everyone:app promoting?

May 21, 2020 by investprive
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What separates a good developer from a professional developer? Is it coding skills? Or is it the creativity and problem solving approach? Maybe all of them. And why not. It takes lot more to be in league with good developers. 

Being a developer is certainly not an easy task. It gets even tricky if you plan to launch a new app in the android app store. You need to have an out of the box idea for your app. Then, the interface of your app should be amazing and the design of your app should be in league with the competitors. Ensuring all these defines a good developer. 

Once you submit your app, you need to work restlessly to launch regular updates and to remove the issues that your app is facing. In addition to that, you need to ensure that your app has a large outreach and people are willing to download and use your app. This part is undoubtedly the trickiest part of the business. 

Outreach of your app

Once you submit your app, you need to start working in its marketing. However, it is advisable to start marketing before you submit your app. This brings in a lot of advantages for your product. Pre-marketing of your product ensures you a steady user base once your product gets launched. The real work starts after that. You need to advertise your app in every social domain; be it social media websites or blogging websites or the e-commerce platforms. A good advertising ensures that your app downloads never cease and this is really helpful, especially for start –ups. A good outreach program can set your app apart from other competitors and will definitely help you to climb up the charts. 

Are you a newbie?

If you are one, then hear us out. When you submit your app in the Play Store, there are a lot of challenges that you are going to face. The most vital being competition from the top market performers. As soon as your app is launched, your product has to compete with a large number of competitors. Many of these competitors and big companies with a good established name and many of them are even top performing companies with huge resources and potential.  

Being a new addition has certain dis advantages. You don’t have a company image to support your cause and neither you have a established name with you. All you have is your app and in that a good marketing plan can help you rise a bit. 

A bit. Yes, you heard us right. A good marketing plan will definitely help you. But its impact wont be that huge. It can help you win some installs but that’s all. 

What should be done then?

This is where you are categorised as an amateur or a professional. An amateur will release daily updates and boot up its marketing strategy to get more downloads. But it does not help much. In contrast, the professionals invest their resources in buy android app installs

Buying android installs: It can be fun

This step is easy to implement but has a very impactful effect on your app’s performance. It is clear that the app market is a tough place for new developers. Competing against big names is definitely a hard task. To make things easy, this might be a very crucial step. 


Freelancers: Developers around the market hire freelancers for buy app installs. By paying a small amount, these developers specify their app install requirements which in turn is fulfilled by the freelancers. Every install is genuine and if done properly can increase your app ranking in the app store or the Play Store. 

Marketing Agencies: There are many marketing agencies which take care of all your app marketing needs including your app installs. These marketing agencies have a huge user base who in turn download your app and install them on devices. This generates organic installs for your app and your app’s position in the app store increases with each download or install made.

App Websites: There are several websites that provide you with an option to buy android or iOS app installs. The working is similar. These websites have dedicated user base who install your app in turn increasing your app’s rank considerably. 

The professionals usually hire freelancers or agencies or employ websites who offer buy install services to you. These agencies or websites have a huge user base which download your app and provide good app ratings. This is helpful in two ways. 

The first: your app installs increases exponentially which increases your app visibility. With increasing number of app installs, your rank in the app store goes up which creates new opportunity to attract more users. The second advantage is that by buying app installs, you are improving your company’s image. Those good ratings and reviews help you to build a brand name and earn public trust which will definitely help you to increase your app installs and hence your app performance in the play store.

This might sound hectic and troublesome to some of you. But hey, this can be fun. 

The Fun factor

There are plenty of opportunities and ways through which you can buy app installs. It is always fun to look around and discover more potential ways to increase your app installs. Not only that, you can interact with lots and lots of developers and devise strategies to get more app installs. To get more of a feeling, you can interact with marketing agencies and come up with innovative ways to get your app business running. 

Word of Caution

There are many methods of buying app installs but one has to be careful while using any of the methods. Both Google and Apple Stores have strict guidelines on the use of bots to install apps. Any app, if found using bots is removed out of the app store. So, while using any service you should ensure that the app install service does not use bots for app installs and that every app download is organic.