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Are You Doing ASO In The Right Way?

November 29, 2020 by investprive
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Those days are gone when there was only one choice available for anything. If we think about it, our transformation has been greatly influenced by our shift to digital culture. If anything that it has brought us, we can quote ‘more choices’ blindly. Hence, if you search for an app, you can find hundreds and thousands of choices. And when presented with so many choices, biases kick in. The average human will always download an app that has good ratings and reviews because almost every app that is in the top results does not differ much in terms of the basic functionalities. 

How to stand out?

The #1 function that makes anything stand out is how the product is marketed. You can use an app store optimization(ASO) agency for that purpose. But you should always choose the best ASO agency as you would do for anything else. The best ASO agency did a lot of hard work to reach the top position and you are getting services that you can trust – because hundreds of others did too and were deeply satisfied with their work. The best ASO agency can be considered to have the best ASO tools which help them improve an app’s position in the Google Play Store or Apple’s app store.

How does the best ASO agency do it?

The tools that are used by the best ASO agency are:

  • App ranking improvement: Whatever category you have selected for your app, it is pretty obvious that the agency will look for more opportunities. They will find more niche categories where your app can easily rank higher. Thus, your app would be creating a digital resort of its own which will be beneficial in the long run of the popularization process.
  • Keyword research: This is very important as this can be considered to be one of the main reasons behind an app’s growth. A lot of keywords that are relevant to the app’s service and have a high search volume are collected. Then, they are used in the app’s description, metadata, title, and any other place that is appropriate and will bring in more downloads for the app.
  • Visual improvements: The best app agency will also suggest possible improvements that can be made to the app’s icon, the screenshots it provides to showcase the app’s functionalities, the app description formatting, etc. Visual elements play an important role because our eyes will always fall on something catchy. So a well-designed app page also helps in boosting the growth.


Even though you can use the best ASO agency  in delhi to boost your app’s ratings using their tools and tactics, your app must be a well-functioning one. At the core of everything is the performance of the app. If that’s good, the users will be utterly satisfied too. Using an ASO agency is just like using a spring, the better you can compress the spring with your app’s features, the higher your app will be shot in the app list!