The Importance of User Experience for buying Mobile Apps ratings in 2018

Don’t trust everything you see online. This is one of the phrases which we come to see almost every single day. And, to some extent, this is the scenario today. The same concept goes for apps too. When we open Play Store or the iOS store, we come through a large number of apps. Each of these app have a rating and lots of user reviews. Normally while searching for an app, we look for the reviews and ratings before we install it. This is obvious too. We do not want to install an app which has a lot of flaws and which is not worth the money. 

Importance of App Ratings

Android app ratings are a measure of the app’s quality. When people look for an app, they see the app rating and then read user reviews. App ratings also indicate the app’s position in the app chart. The apps occupying top place in the chart have good app ratings. This increases their visibility and hence the app downloads gets increased. In simple words, the better the app rating, the more visibility the app gets and therefore the more downloads the app can make. Reviews play yet another important role.
Before using an app, people go through the user ratings. This can be seen as a trust making process. If the user ratings are good, people will definitely try your app and this can also lead to better app conversions. 

The Hoax

Developers realise the value app ratings. They know that these ratings can help them to improve their app’s performance and the business overall. This is the reason why they take up various methods to increase the app ratings.

Here are some of the ways by which these app developers increase their app rating. 

Freelancers: By hiring freelancers, the app developers get the desired ratings as well as reviews for their app.
Firms: Many advertising firms propose plans to increase the app ratings for the developers by charging a nominal fee.
App Rating Websites: These web services have a large user base which rates the apps and thereby help to increase the rating of the client’s app. 

These are only some of the ways by which app developers increase their app ratings. 

The cause? 

The reason behind these wrong ratings can be easily understood. There are a large number of apps in the App Store. More apps means more competition and this is due to this much fierceness. App developers generally have to discover processes to move ahead in the competition. One of the most effective ways by which app developers persuade people to download their app is by providing forged user reviews and ratings.