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Get App Reviews To Boost Rank!

December 11, 2020 by investprive
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In a world where multiple options are available for a single-use case, making a product stand out can be considered a difficult task – if not Herculean. When an app is built, it not only has the code backing it up but the hope and determination of the maker is also integrated within! In this context, the savior comes in rather easily. You can get app reviews for your app. You must be wondering, how you can get app reviews for your app. Well, it is rather simple. You can approach an app ranking company and convey your wishes. You can choose from the packages they offer and gradually witness the app’s growth for yourself.

Why should you get app reviews?

This is a very interesting question in itself. Let’s say when you get app reviews – you are boosting the positive rating of the app. How? Well, you are paying for the service. When you have opted to buy app reviews, the app ranking company will send your app’s link to their dedicated team of review writers. They will download your app, use it, and write a comprehensive review of your app highlighting the positives. Do not worry, because every app review will be distinct and different.  These reviews are done in bulk. If you sort the math out, you will notice that your app’s rating will be significantly affected and increase only when a large volume of positive reviews are posted.

Are you buying your way to the top?

After reading about what an app ranking company promises, it might seem that everything is too good to be true. It might seem that you are buying your way to the top. You might think that if someone has loads of money, then their app will be at the top. But that’s not the case in reality. Think about yourself. Did you use an app that had loads of positive reviews yet the app was not to your liking and you uninstalled the app later? You must have. 

Any publishing platform where you have published your app will consider such metrics to determine the ranking of the app. App reviews are just a single metric of the bigger game that your app is in. The publishing platform considers certain things like:

Average ratings: – If an app has a 3-star rating, it will rank much lower than a 5-star rated app. However, if the ratings are close, let’s say an app has 4.5 stars after a thousand reviews and another app has 4.4 stars with more than a million reviews, the platform will suggest that app because it can be considered ‘reliable’. Isn’t that obvious? However, exceptions exist. It’s all about how your app performs.


Dropout rate: – This refers to how many people uninstall the app within some time of installation. A single factor or multiple factors can contribute to people dropping out. If the dropout rate of an app is high, it ranks low.


Tips in Conclusion

  • Do your best while developing the app.
  • Get app reviews but do not completely rely on them.
  • Remember – quality over quantity!

That’s it – your roadmap to a better future for your app.